250 EUR

The offer includes:

• 6 best photographs, selected by the client from 20-30, subjected to full graphic editing.
• The client will receive the photos in electronic format at the provided email address.

Additional options:

• Additional shot – 30 EUR.
• Printing of photographs – an individual quote tailored to the needs.
• Photo book – an individual quote tailored to the needs.

For Whom:

Entrepreneurs and Businesses: For promoting their products and services, creating marketing materials, building brand image, and documenting their operations.

Marketers and Advertising Professionals: For crafting advertising campaigns, creating content along with visuals on websites and social media.

Public Relations Personnel:
For company promotion, building a positive image, and documenting social events and activities.

Business photography is used for documenting corporate events, conferences, seminars, ceremonies, as well as production processes and projects.

Journalists and Editors:
Business photographs are used in press publications, magazines, newspapers, and online portals to illustrate articles about companies, products, and business-related events.


Up to a maximum of 10 working days.

Yes, after prior arrangements regarding the locations and their distances from each other. Costs will be determined individually.

It’s important for the interior to be neat and tidy, with unnecessary items removed. There are many details to discuss if you let me know what interests you.