Edyta Nales

Coach for leaders and expats, Antwerp, Belgium, Business Flamingo

March 2024

This session was part of the Business Flamingo Congress, like a mini-session. Despite having very little time to take the photos, I must say the results are very satisfying. Edyta is comfortable with both the stage and the camera, making everything run smoothly without any issues. It should be noted that red always looks beautiful in photos! Below you can read Edyta’s opinion of the session and its results.

Paweł Chowanski

European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

 January 2024

Paweł and I planned two meetings a week apart. The first one took place near the European Parliament and unfortunately the weather was not favorable to us. In addition to the low temperature, it was still raining. This forced us to look for places that were roofed and protected from rainfall. It was a real challenge, I will remember it as one of the most difficult for a long time. Despite this, you can admire the effects in the photos below. Paweł and I both think that everything turned out very well! The expensive part took place inside the Parliament. Paweł, as a long-time employee of this place, suggested many interesting places for the session, which made the session very varied and effective. Also read Paweł’s opinion about our cooperation.

LaElia Premium Beauty


August 2024

The wonderful interior of the LaElia Premium Beauty salon was the background, but also the main character of the photo session. To show the best, I looked into all the rooms with my camera, looking for the most interesting shots. The wonderful colors of the interior harmonized very nicely with the soft light, and everything was presented in a coherent form. The living room spaces are softly lit, which creates a unique atmosphere, but is also quite a challenge for the photographer. I also had the pleasure of working with the entire professional team, and thanks to good cooperation, the session went quickly and efficiently.

Sylwia Piatek

Networker & connector, Groeicentrum SLS, Antwerp

 December 2023

Our meeting with Sylwia Piatek took place on a December morning in 2023. The weather was favorable from the beginning to the end of our session, and the unique interiors perfectly matched the light. As a place for the session, I suggested Sylwia the beautiful interior of the MAS Museum in Antwerp. Despite the fact that I had never been there myself before, it seemed to me that it would be a very good place to reflect Sylwia’s charisma and strength. Indeed, it turned out that everything worked perfectly, both the interiors and the light, and our cooperation was exceptionally successful, as if we had
known each other for a long time. And this was our first meeting! While waiting for the opening of the Museum, we decided to sit in one of the nearby restaurants. I also decided to use this place to take a few shots, and thus we obtained a few additional, interesting photos.

Alicja Tomaszuk

Sativa Life, Paris

 March 2024

Meeting Alicja and her sister Bozena was a wonderful adventure and a wonderful walk among the skyscrapers in the LaDefense district of Paris. Both ladies dreamed of a session in this very place and I am very happy that I could make this dream come true. This session was not the easiest one due to the crowds of people, which are completely normal in this place. It would be difficult to find a moment without people in such a place. Around every corner we discovered new and interesting places for photos. The girls wanted a session both individually and together. Everything went smoothly – a walk
around the district with the camera, a change of wardrobe, a meal during the session. Of course, it couldn’t be complete without coffee and delicious croissants! Be sure to read Alicja’s opinion about the session!

Karin van Alphen

City Guide, Antwerp

April 2024

The photo session with Karin was a unique experience, full of discoveries and
inspiration. Karin, as a tour guide in the city of Antwerp, knew all the hidden gems and the most interesting places. Since the various points of interest were quite far from each other, we traveled around the city by tram. The photos we took from the MAS beautifully captured the modern architecture and the scenic waterfront views. At the main train station, with its impressive structure, we captured the unique atmosphere of one of the most beautiful transportation hubs in Europe. Walking through the city center, Karin shared fascinating stories, and of course, we found time for a delicious coffee in the heart of the city. The entire day was filled with laughter, creativity, and shared discoveries. This session will certainly remain in my memory as one of the most inspiring and satisfying photographic adventures.

Mateusz Kojzar

Matech Production, Poland

December 2024

A photo session with Mateusz was a unique experience. Despite the limited space and tight interiors we had to work with, we managed to make full use of every corner. Our joint creativity made each shot distinctive. We found unexpected perspectives and unique backgrounds that added a special atmosphere to the photos. The collaboration was smooth, and the atmosphere was filled with positive energy and commitment. The results of our work exceeded expectations and showed that limited space can be an
inspiring challenge.

Hanna Stronczek

Physioterapist, osteopath, Poland

August 2023

In August 2023, we conducted a photo session for physiotherapist Hanna Stronczek in Poland at her clinic. In addition to taking photos of Hanna, we also captured the clinic’s interiors, including the waiting room, the stylish corridor, and the building’s exterior. To properly illuminate the small clinic space, we had to set up lights, but the challenge was to ensure they were not visible in the numerous mirrors arranged in the clinic. Despite this, everything went according to plan, and the results were fantastic. The photos beautifully highlight both Hanna’s professionalism and the clinic’s welcoming atmosphere. You can view the photos in the gallery.

Selected customers reviews

“Working with you is a real pleasure. The client feels taken care of and will learn how to pose thanks to you. Every detail of the session was taken care of, you can see high professionalism at every stage of implementation”.
Paweł Chowanski
European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
“Only moments are important in life, and Ania knows how to capture them efficiently. Her creative point of view makes the shots extremely original and reflect the beauty and depth of emotions. They hit the nail on the head. I am delighted with Ania's work and the effects of the photo session.”
Edyta Nales
Coach for leaders and expats, Antwerp, Belgium
“Your professionalism and incredible energy combined with your passion for photography brought beautiful results. Thank you very much and I recommend it ❤️ “
Alicja Tomaszuk
Sativa Life, Paris
“Thank you for your presence and professional approach” 👌😊
Marzena Pawłowska
Finansowe BHP, Antwerp, Belgium
“Ania is not only an excellent photographer, but also a unique person whose commitment to work translates into full customer satisfaction. She was open to my suggestions, which made the cooperation even more successful. I will definitely use Ania's services as an image photographer again, taking into account not only her talent, passion, commitment but also the pleasant atmosphere she created during the session. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!”
Hanna Chrubasik
Oxygen Automatyka, Poland
“I recently had the pleasure of participating in a business session with Ania, and I must admit that my expectations were significantly exceeded! Ania is extremely professional in what she does, which immediately made me feel comfortable during the session. Her full commitment and passion are clearly visible during her work. He seems to have a magical way of making each photograph become not only a painting, but also a story and a personal expression of my brand. Her creative ideas and ability to work with detail made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire session. The received photographs are not only professional, but also full of character and originality. I highly recommend Ania to any entrepreneur looking not only for professional photos, but also for a unique approach and commitment. Thank you, Ania, for an unforgettable experience and great results! “
Mateusz Kojzar
Matech Production, Poland