A photographer fascinated by image, color, and subtle composition. The beginnings of my fascination with photography date back to my school days, the first mountain trips, when a camera landed in my backpack instead of a warm sweater. I captured hundreds of sunrises and sunsets, mountain paths, landscapes in frames, and then eagerly awaited the results of my work, picking up the photos from the photo lab.

I still remember well the magic of waiting for the photos. Today’s work as a photographer has little in common with that magic. The tools and working style have changed, but the feeling of joy after obtaining the desired image remains unchanged.

What is photography for me? It is primarily a play of light, a certain unpredictability of translating reality into an image. The balance between light and shadow to bring out the transience of the moment. The time I spend taking photos is in harmony with me.

Time, object, studio, and I are a whole that leaves no doubt that it is my time and my place. When I photograph, I am completely here and now…

Photography has something extraordinary in it. I love working with people who, through their actions, hard work, and determination, show that it is worth fighting for their dreams.

I’ll take you on an intriguing journey through the lens, where you’ll meet yourself, spend quality time detached from the constant hustle, and the result of this journey will be moments captured in a frame.