My name is Anna, and I am a photographer passionate about capturing unique moments. I specialize in culinary, event, and business photography. I collaborate with
restaurants, companies, and corporations to create images that reflect the unique character of their offerings. 

For me, photography is more than just a job – it is a way to convey emotions and details that often escape the human eye but can be captured by the lens. Every time I pick up my camera, I strive to tell a unique story, showcasing the beauty and character of a place or event. 

I am fully dedicated to each project, paying attention to the smallest details to ensure my photos not only meet but exceed expectations. I love what I do and find immense joy in creating exceptional photographs for my clients.

I invite you to explore my portfolio and get in touch – together, we can create something truly special. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope we can soon collaborate and bring your photographic dreams to life.


My work is much more than just photography – it’s an experience that permeates the senses and stays in the memory. It’s a journey where each image tells its own unique story. Collaborating with restaurants, I strive to capture the passion and talent of the chefs who create these culinary masterpieces. My photos not only present the dishesbut also build the atmosphere and emotions associated with their tasting. When I enter a restaurant, I immediately see and feel the vision of what I want to capture in my photographs. I invite you to explore this visual feast where every detail matters and every flavor is almost tangible.

For whom: restaurants, cafes, bakeries, grocery stores, the food industry, and the entire HoReCa sector. I create culinary photos for blogs, magazines, posters, and advertisements.

I can also help you style your food if you need assistance with that.


Every photograph is a unique story that will move you right into the heart of your event. I capture fleeting moments filled with emotions, joy, and spontaneous reactions within the frame. Thanks to my photos, you can relive these exceptional moments all over again. Event photography is the art of capturing what matters most – human emotions and interactions. Every detail, every smile, every glance is immortalized in my work. I create images that not only document the event but also convey its unique character. I invite you to explore the gallery, where you will find a diverse array of unforgettable moments from various events. For whom: conferences, international congresses, business breakfasts, team-building events, workshops, inaugurations, and exhibitions.


As an experienced photographer, I understand how important your consistent and unique image is on social media. Regardless of the industry you operate in, you can be confident that we will present you in the best possible light. I have gained experience working with a wide range of professions, from artisanal trades like bakeries and the beauty industry to numerous clinics and high-level employees, such as those in the European Parliament. You don’t need to know how to prepare or worry about how it will look. Before the session, you will receive all the tips and vision from me on how the
session will proceed. You will also learn how to best utilize your photos to make the most of them. Click on the photo to see more in the portrait category.

Why a session with me

Many years of experience as a photographer

School diploma of culinary photography and artistic portraiture

Author of photos to the culinary books

Professional equipment only

Individual approach and full commitment

Selected customers reviews

“Working with you is a real pleasure. The client feels taken care of and will learn how to pose thanks to you. Every detail of the session was taken care of, you can see high professionalism at every stage of implementation”.
Paweł Chowanski
European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
“Only moments are important in life, and Anna knows how to capture them efficiently. Her creative point of view makes the shots extremely original and reflect the beauty and depth of emotions. They hit the nail on the head. I am delighted with Ania's work and the effects of the photo session.”
Edyta Nales
Coach for leaders and expats, Antwerp, Belgium
“Your professionalism and incredible energy combined with your passion for photography brought beautiful results. Thank you very much and I recommend it ❤️ “
Alicja Tomaszuk
Sativa Life, Paris
“Thank you for your presence and professional approach” 👌😊
Marzena Pawłowska
Finansowe BHP, Antwerp, Belgium
“Anna is not only an excellent photographer, but also a unique person whose commitment to work translates into full customer satisfaction. She was open to my suggestions, which made the cooperation even more successful. I will definitely use Ania's services as an image photographer again, taking into account not only her talent, passion, commitment but also the pleasant atmosphere she created during the session. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!”
Hanna Chrubasik
Oxygen Automatyka, Poland
“I recently had the pleasure of participating in a business session with Anna, and I must admit that my expectations were significantly exceeded! Ania is extremely professional in what she does, which immediately made me feel comfortable during the session. She full commitment and passion are clearly visible during her work. She seems to have a magical way of making each photograph become not only a painting, but also a story and a personal expression of my brand. Her creative ideas and ability to work with detail made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire session. The received photographs are not only professional, but also full of character and originality. I highly recommend Anna to any entrepreneur looking not only for professional photos, but also for a unique approach and commitment. Thank you, Ania, for an unforgettable experience and great results! “
Mateusz Kojzar
Matech Production, Poland